[GnomeMeeting-list] Slightly Off Topic - LinuxJack PCI Card

Hi All.

I am new to the list but have been lurking around for some months.

I placed an httpds order with linuxjack.com Thurs Feb 19th 2004
and received a email confirmation Indicating DHL delivery to

I haven't received the card, I have emailled them several times, I note
that their web site has been unaccessible for at least the last 5 days 
and tomorrow I will try again to telephone them. 

Anyone else had problems with LinuxJack.com delivery lately or any
one shed some light on what is happening?

I suspect the newly GM release 1.+ has got them rushed of their
feet - but I like some communications with them.

Again - apologies for the off-topic, but its all part of my getting
Gnome Meeting 1.+ up and running for the family.


email me:   grahame (at) wildpossum (dot) com

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