Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Partial success!

> >
> > If it supports H.323, try calls with fast start, tunneling and ip
> > translation disabled.
> None of these options appear on the menus, so I presume that it 
> doesn't.

Those are GnomeMeeting options, not router options. So just check the
manual of your router :)

> > If it doesn't support H.323, try calls with ip translation enabled
> > and the required port forwarded to your box.
> >
> I can't open a range on the router - only single ports.  And I think 
> they are limited to 10, IIRC, which is not enough according to the 
> list on the FAQ.  That's why I set it to dmz forwarded to my box's 
> ip.

That should be enough, but it can fail if the router supports H.323.
We can not do blind guessing here, we have to know it before trying

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