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Le lun, 28/06/2004 à 13:37 -0500, Peter Robinson a écrit :
> Hi Damien,
> I'm not on the list so emailing it straight to you.
> I'm playing around building the latest openh323/pwlib/gnomemeeting on FC1
> as sort of upgrades to the RH specific builds.
> GM 1.0.2 doesn't really want to build against the lastest 1.7.3/1.14.2
> pwlib/openh323 libs. Looking in the FAQ I should be able to but it

Well the FAQ states this :
"However, there is absolutely no guarantee that new versions of the
OpenH323 and PWlib libraries will work perfectly with non-CVS
GnomeMeeting versions. The best is to use the libraries versions
provided on the GnomeMeeting website."

And the FAQ is right :-)

> complains. Also went to get the CVS snapshot assuming they would work but
> couldn't find it in the download page linked to in the FAQ. The gm1.0.2
> source is ther but can't find the CVS ver.

See snapshots.seconix.com

> Is there another location for the CVS ver?

See the above URL, or the GNOME CVS.

> Also are you planning the 1.1 dev series?

I don't know yet, we are building daily CVS snapshots for a wide range
of distributions, but we have nobody to build RedHat and Fedora RPMs.

> Regards
> Peter
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