[GnomeMeeting-list] No audio with netmeeting

I have established a call between netmeeting and gnomemeeting, where each side 
is receiving video from the other but neither can recieve audio.  The user 
running netmeeting is on a completely different network than the user running 
gnomemeeting, and each is behind a firewall/NAT router but that does not seem 
to be the problem.    The call is initiated by the netmeeting user, and the 
General History indicates that the audio codec(MS-GSM) is opened where the 
netmeeting was configured to use this codec.  The sound apears to be 
configured properly so the problem must be somewhere with the protocol or the 
routers.  Running tcpdump on the gnomemeeting side during the call I noticed 
UDP packets received from the caller on ports 5004, 49598, and 49600.  This 
differs from the UDP ports mentioned in the FAQ:  5000-5007.   Does this 
indicate some incompatibility between gnomemeeting and netmeeting?  Is there 
some way to get the audio working ?



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