Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] working through restrictive firewall

Le jeu, 29/04/2004 à 13:58 -0400, Morris Beverly a écrit :
> Hi,
> I guess this is beating a dead horse, but I'm going to ask anyway since the 
> reason is to help isolated medical patients (in this case bone marrow 
> transplant recipients) communicate with their families.
> I know that the best way to get through a firewall is to open up the 
> required ports, or to change to a gatekeeper, or SIP gateway.  However, the 

Even with a gatekeeper or SIP gateway you will have to open the required
ports. There is no miracle ;)

> people I'm trying to help have no real technical expertise themselves at 
> the home side and the hospitals' IT staff generally have bigger/other fish 
> to fry or are simply too swamped to find time to work on it.
> Is it possible to set up a vpn or something similar to tunnel all network 
> traffic through a single port (preferably port 80 since it's almost always 
> open) so that all the h323 ports are "open" between both computers?  I'm 
> sorry if this is a dumb/unworkable/already dismissed idea, but I'm stumped 
> and would really like to be able to help these folks.

Yes, I've already run GnomeMeeting using CIPE as VPN on one unique UDP

> They are currently using some video phones that "work" over a regular POTS 
> line, but the quality is, as you can imagine very poor.
> I was hoping, in an ideal world, to be able to make a bootable CD with 
> everything set up for gnomemeeting and the required vpn or whatever so the 
> required technical stuff could be minimized for the patients (or anyone else).
> Once again, I apologize if this is just a pipe dream, but I appreciate your 
> thoughts anyway.

Just remember everything is possible ;)

> thanks,
> morris
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