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I'm personally using GM with a DSL with only 128 kbits upload. That's
good, but having 256 kbits is better of course. But I think that 256
kbits down is perhaps a bit weak...

Codecs will improve in GM and require always less bandwidth, so if I was
you, I would chose 512/128 as it is the most common setting.

Le ven, 02/04/2004 à 03:19 -0800, Haim Campbell a écrit :

> Hi all,
> I need to make a decision on ADSL 256/256 or 512/128
> (no others available) and can't do any testing on
> gnomemeeting due to no linux installed on current pc
> and webcam probs blah blah blah.
> Can someone give me an idea of the bandwidth usage of
> gnomemeeting.  I.e. I would like the 512 for general
> surfing but will I loose significant framerate sending
> to my video to friends by dropping from 256 to 128
> uploads?
> On windows apps I'm currently trying to sort out why I
> have 6fps from my friends and only send 3fps.  Win 98
> is killing me.
> Hopefully will get my linux up again soon so can be a
> more useful member of the list.  Sorry.
> Cheers
> Haim
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