Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Compile gnomemeeting with another libraries

Le dim 28/09/2003 à 23:06, snpe a écrit :
> I don't understand
> I have btw in /usr/lib and /u1/gnome2/lib
> Gnomemeeting use lib from /usr/lib, but another application in gnome 2.4
> use correct lib in /u1/gnome2/lib (btw nautilus).I compile nautilus and gnomemeeting 
> with --prefix=/u1/gnome2 and with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/u1/gnome2/lib
> When I compile gnomemeeting like in my previous message gnomemeeting is linked with
> /u1/gnome2/lib/ - config and compile script for gnomemeeting use always /usr/lib
> Maybe, gnomemeting don't use correct pkg-config 

No, you misunderstood me and the bug report ;)
GnomeMeeting depends on external libraries like openh323;pwlib;sdl;...
One of those libraries is in /usr/lib/
When libtool sees that, it reorders teh paths, and puts /usr/lib/ at
first in the linking command. So libraries are always those of /usr/lib/
before others...
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