Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Runs as root but not as user

 --- Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:
> > Doesn't Mandrake use devfs? 
> Yes
> > In which case the devfsd
> > program might be resetting the permissions behind
> > your back...
> >
> Possibly - msec is notorious for protecting us from
> ourselves <g>

Actually, it's more of a "persistent storage" feature
for devfs's dynamic contents than a "protection"
mechanism. It's so that device nodes can disappear
from /dev and be recreated with the same ownership and
permissions as they had when they disappeared.

Run this command as root:
# ps -ef | grep devfsd

This will tell you whether you are running devfsd or
not. You might not be...

Check whether you have the following files:


If you *are* running devfsd then one of these file
(the first one?) should tell you where this program is
saving all the file permissions from /dev to.

> > Check /proc/mounts to see if you have the device
> > filesystem mounted on /dev.
> >
> /proc/mounts appears to be empty.

Well *that's* bizarre! I can't think why that would
be...???!!?? Running:

$ mount

still works, does it?


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