Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] [PATCH] No audio feedback in 0.98 config druid!!!

On Sun, 2003-09-07 at 16:26, Chris Rankin wrote:
>  --- Christopher Warner <zanee kernelcode com> wrote:
> > I don't think that is a good idea.. especially since
> > the card in question has OSS drivers which don't
> > replicate this problem. Why do people use Alsa for
> > the emu10k1/audigy chipset when creative makes
> > opensource drivers that work and that work better?
> I can scarcely believe I just read that. Not that it's
> ANY of your business which sound drivers I use, but I
> originally switched to ALSA because (in no particular
> order):
> a) OSS is going away
> b) ALSA is replacing it
> c) the OSS drivers did NOT work better, particularly
> on an SMP box. (Remember: "Oops" = "Bad")
a) Lets forget OSS or ALSA the source for these drivers are available at they are available in the linux kernel via
module or direct kernel access. Such as the ALSA drivers. 

b) If you want help with your problem it's usually a good idea to know
what you are using.. You already specified what soundcard and drivers
you were using. If you don't want help with your problem. Don't post to
this list.

c) Then if the OSS drivers don't work how about the regular OpenSource
drivers? The ones without the Midi problems or SMP problems that OSS
drivers had? 

> > I agree with the second solution. Not that ALSA
> > isn't important but I believe a lot of people aren't
> > aware that the OSS drivers in the kernel are better
> > including full midi support.
> Another "ivory-tower" theorist. In other words "It's
> not our problem when he can completely reconfigure his
> box instead. (And recompile his kernel, if
> necessary)."

Please stop with the sillyness, I responded to this in my earlier post.
I mean if you have Alsa it's the same thing according to alsa

"You must turn on the sound support soundcore module. This is in the
kernel. Look in the sound drivers directory and it should be the first
option. Most people enable the module setting. That way you can load and
unload the module manually if you have multiple soundcards/devices or if
you intend to debug or use cutting edge software which may cause your
drivers to halt sometimes. Of course it also means you have more control
of your system.

Most modern distros come with soundcore compiled as a module. You can
check this in numerous ways. The easiest way is to type.

        modinfo soundcore
If this command returns that you have this module, then you don't need
to recompile your kernel."

> Let me repeat: the feedback problem made it IMPOSSIBLE
> for me to perform the audio test. That ALONE should
> demonstrate that doing nothing is not a solution.

> It is very possible that this problem will happen with
> another card for which there is no native OSS driver.
> The fact that there is for the SB-Live is merely a
> coincidence.

The problem is something I pointed out in another post.. You claim to be
using OSS emulation but not an OSS interface.  That is why it did what
it did. Yes it can happen with any other card where the environment is
incorrectly setup. We must account for such environments and you've made
suggestions, I like them.. you are free to send patches that show this
functionality. You're also free to wait until they are applied; you
aren't free to bitch about it here however.

> And FYI, the SBLive! ALSA drivers support MIDI just
> fine.

No they don't; more about that here

including a host of other problems not reported because the majority
have already been reported on sourceforge at

> Sincerely,
> Chris

Lovingly yours,

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