Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GnomeMeeting crash

On Tuesday 04 Nov 2003 8:18 am, Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le lun 03/11/2003 à 23:38, Anne Wilson a écrit :

Thanks, Damien and Kilian, for replying.

> > Twice today I tried to get GnomeMeeting to recognise my
> > microphone (Audigy front panel connection) and both times it
> > crashed.  The error message is
> What do you mean by "tried to recognize my microphone"? How does it
> involve GnomeMeeting?
As I had problems with the video I had never actually checked the 
audio aspect.  However, having thought about it overnight, I realised 
that I had not actually tried using the front-panel connector for the 
microphone in any application, so obviously I should check that it 
works at all before continuing on that line.

Also, I seem to have had a lot of stability problems since loading the 
pwcx module.  I wonder if this is because I run the 2.4.21-0.13mdk 
kernel with the Win4Lin patch.  Maybe that patch is introducing a 
conflict.  I am going to take out the automatic loading of the module 
and do it manually when I need it.

I have a non-patched mm kernel that I can boot to, to see if that is 

> > Application "gnomemeeting" (process 3263) has crashed
> > due to a fatal error.
> > (Segmentation fault)
> >
> > I followed the link to the bug reporting page, but there doesn't
> > seem to be a category for GnomeMeeting.
> The easiest is to do the following :
> gdb gnomemeeting
> then type : run
> then reproduce the crash
> then type : threads apply all bt
> and mail me the output and a way to reproduce the crash
> > Tomorrow I'll try it with the microphone attached to the back
> > panel, but does anyone know whether the problem is with the
> > Audigy panel or something else entirely?
> Without a backtrace and a clear explanation, there is no way to
> determine it. It could also be a driver bug.
I will try all this as soon as I have checked out the points mentioned 
above.  I'll report back everything possible.  Thanks

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