[GnomeMeeting-list] GM cannot receive video from NM


I have set up my office and home private networks connected by
two gatekeepers as following

+--------+  +----------+                      +----------+  +--------+
|Home    |  |Gnugk     |512/64K       512/512K|Gnugk     |  |Office  |
|Endpoint|--|Gatekeeper|-----< Internet >-----|Gatekeeper|--|Endpoint|
+--------+  +----------+                      +----------+  +--------+

They work well both audio and video if I use NM as the both sides
of endpoints but have no video feeding if I use GM as the office
endpoint. The GM doesn't seem to create channel or receive
H.261-QCIF from NM... However there is no problem if both GM and
NM are located on same LAN.

The GM has general history

	... Started New Logical Channel...
	... Receiving MS-GSM{sw}

but not channel created for video codec.

The H.323 V2 (H.245 and Fast Start) has been disabled.

I have read articles and tried many ways but still no video.  Do
I miss something?

Reed Lai

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