Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] packet loss

Le mer 12/03/2003 à 22:42, John Cambiotis a écrit :
> I am sorry but I lost the part with the late packets:
> >You are sending packets to the remote user, those packets are queued in
> >the jitter buffer (for example a jitter buffer could contain the packets
> >for 200ms of voice), when the jitter buffer is full (the 200ms are
> >elapsed) it plays the voice back. If one of the packets sent 300ms ago
> >arrives after 300ms when the jitter buffer is of 200ms, then it comes
> >too late to be played.
> Do the packets carry some kind of timestamp or sequence number?


> Does the receiver simply discard packets because the jitter buffer is full?

No, it discards them because they don't arrive early enough. Newer
packets have been played.

> Is there any synchronization with the video frames?

No, but it is "real-time".

> Thank you once more
> JC
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