Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] phonedev module

As a follow up, this behaviour is the same with the ixj and nixj

>  I downloaded and compiled the nixj drivers. The ixj and phonedev modules
>  load fine now. However, when I start gnomemeeting after entering my
>  microtelco information, gnomemeeting gives a segfault. If I clear the
>  error window, gnomemeeting seems to still work ok. If I remove my
>  microtelco information, gnomemeeting doesn't give the segfault anymore.
>  When gnomemeeting gives the segfault, it doesn't produce a backtrace.
>  When I try to use pc to phone, the other party can hear me but I cannot
>  hear them (except for one call only).
>  System set up:
>  RedHat 7.3 / Ximain Gnome 2
>  Kernel 2.4.18-10
>  nixj drivers
>  gnomemeeting 0.96
>  internet Phonejack card
>  IP translation enabled in gnomemeeting
>  Tried with and without fast start and tunneling enabled
>  Can someone please help me to resolve these problems. Since purchasing
>  the internet Phonejack card and the microtelco account, I would REALLY
>  like to get this working.
>  Thanks in advance,
George <geboyd netzero net>

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