Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] 0.98 redhat packages

Le lun 30/06/2003 à 00:59, Jason Trickett a écrit :
> Hi. Just wondering if the redhat packages of the 0.98 release
> (gnomemeeting, pwlib, openh323) are for RH8 or RH9. If they are not
> for RH8 i can just compile from source, but will I need to update any
> other packages on my RH8 system? Thanks.


There are for RedHat 9. You shouldn't need to install RH9 packages on
your RH8 to be able to compile it, but it is highly possible you have
extra packages to install.

Don't forget to uninstall gnomemeeting, pwlib, pwlib-devel, openh323,
openh323-devel from your system before starting compiling and make sure
to read the FAQ!
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