Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM 0.96.1 -> GM 0.98

Hi Alexis,
> > We are not sure to provide Mandrake 9.1 packages anytime soon.
> So i have to compile gnomemeeting from sources ? Is there a problem to upgrade 
> with sources from the 0.96 installed with rpm ?

first i'd like to contradict a bit with the MdK packages not being
avail.. we're working on it, and there is a chance.. it's just.. the
person building them is doing this for the first time, so it's gonna
take a while.. i'm very convinced though that by the end of the week we
have a chance of seeing some.

the building of GnomeMeeting is quite complex still, as it includes
building PWlib and OpenH323, which are not very likely to be called
"easy going" in terms of compilation.
it is in NO CASE AT ALL encouraged to build new versions of the
GnomeMeeting suite with the old version still in place.. so if you want
to take up the battle and compile yourself a 0.98 version, please do
remove the old rpms BEFORE proceeding.
(and hey.. in case you don't succeed.. you have a backup near you, don't
you? *g*)

Best regards,

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