Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM 0.96.1 -> GM 0.98

Le mer 25/06/2003 à 18:10, jeanmichel.gens a écrit :
> Le mer 25/06/2003 à 21:46, Johnny Strom a écrit :
> i have used red hat packages on mandrake 
> but i have not succeed to make any call
> i cannot release the call engaged 
> so i return in 96.0

That's normal... You can _not_ install redhat packages on a mandrake.
redhat packages are done for redhat only.

I suspect you even forced and broke dependancies, it is a miracle it
even didn't crash :)

> may be mandrake package will be better

We are not sure to provide Mandrake 9.1 packages anytime soon.
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