Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] soundcard and webcam....

Hi Jamie,

> I've read the faq, and I understand that I should verify the functionality 
> of my cam and soundcard with a host of other applications before talking 
> about them here, but, my question is, what other applications can I make 
> reference to, and test with, outside of GnomeMeeting?

very good u at least tried ;)) i apprechiate that ;)
testing without GnomeMeeting can be in different ways.. 
video is best tested with xawtv
audio with the GM setup druid (because we need full duplex = recording
and playing at the same time, which very few apps offer, other than GM)

> I've verified my soundcard with xmms, Sound Recorder, ogle, and mplayer, but 
> would it be fair to say that none of these applications need "full duplex" 
> support?  What else might I try that does?

u can also *try* "cat /dev/dsp >/dev/dsp" .. but that doesn't work
reliably with every environment..

> For the webcam, I have no idea what other sorts of applications I might try 
> testing with...

best will be xawtv and the GM preview..

btw. be sure to check your firewall and NAT, if using one, too ;)

so basically the config Druid will give you all needed answers you
search for.. go for it.. it comes with all decent versions of GM (and is
yet enhanced with the upcoming release)

Best regards,

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