Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] quicknet gatekeeper problems..

If you have bought your account from, then it is a special
GnomeMeeting account.

If you have successfully done normal GnomeMeeting calls, that you are
sure that you have no firewall and no NAT involved, then you can contact
them and ask them to verify the account.

Le sam 21/06/2003 à 10:52, Jamie Campbell a écrit :
> >You can check as well your computer clock and date settings : when
> >they're wrong the connection to isn't possible.
> Checked my account-listed timezone, and, it's the same as I have on linux.. 
> I have my clock auto-load using time-server...
> >Are you sure your Microtelco account is designed for gnomemeeting ? (yes
> >there is a special account for gnomemmeting that differs from the one
> >designed for netmeeeting).
> I can find timezone configuration easily in my account data, but I can't 
> find any reference to gnomemeeting or netmeeting..  I checked all 
> information from all the tabs at the right, and none of them mention 
> either.. how do I go about determining account-design characteristics?
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