Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] registering to an ILS through thegnugkproxy

You have 2 solutions to get the users list on the gatekeeper :
1) Use the LDAP extensions and browse the LDAP server
2) Let the administration port open, I also think there is a JAVA GUI,
but I don't know if it is up to date

However, in your case, I don't understand why you need this list as only
your wife will be registered to it.

Le ven 20/06/2003 à 22:21, Adrian Golumbovici a écrit :
> Hmmm... The only quick thing that comes in mind would be a grep thing on the
> logs. I think it could be run on an apache with perl and accessed on a
> html/text generated page through web. I suppose that if you set up the
> prefix for the endpoints which is unique enough so it wouldn't show up
> accidentally in the normal logs, things might be pretty easy to do.
> Unfortunatelly it has been a while since I last programmed perl... If I will
> find the time for it I will do it, I will give it a try. In the meantime
> maybe someone already knows if it was already done by someone else.
> Best regards,
> Adrian
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