Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] ATI v4l module & Gnomemeeting

wapembe wapembe org ha scritto:

i've experienced the same problem with a different video card.  i suspect
this is may be a module issue.  try unloading all modules that deal with
the camera. in my case that consisted of pwcx, pwc, videodev and one or
two dealing with usb.  then i reloaded the drivers and this problem was
resolved.  my guess is there is a module that is not properly cleaning things
up.  anyway, this is how i fixed the problem on my machine so it gives you
something to try.  it may not work but it is worth a shot.

good luck.
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I have already tryed with clean boot and load modules; they load correctly but the problem persists. In my case I don't have any usb related module that is involved, just videodev, km_drv and km_api_drv.

Thanks anyhow for the suggestion.

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