Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Problem with GnomeMeeting

Hi Vidula,

vh>       I'm facing great problem in running GnomeMeeting software.
vh> frist I give some detail about the softwares i'm using

vh> OS RedHat Linux7.2
vh> GnomeMeeting 0.85.1

first of all, both versions are old (some might even say ancient ;))
so, you might consider upgrading for some reasons anyway..

vh>         I'm trying to connect to a host in same LAN. I can do it 
vh> properly, and text chatting
vh> also working properly. but there is no voice transmission taking 
vh> place. I assume that Audio
vh> Device is working properly. because there is no error messages. 
vh> also it shows in history
vh> Audio sending. but in real no Voice Transmission is taking 
vh> place.

well, audio in GM is full duplex, which means it's sending _AND_
receiving at the same time... thus you might encounter this problem
with GM only. for playback analysis you can check with xmms (or other
tools).. if that works well, a
cat </dev/dsp >/dev/dsp
should tell you, if full duplex local playback is working fine. in
case this does work fine on both machines (btw. which soft is the
other machine running?) you should paste a bit more on the debug info
about the audio codecs used (or better: not used for a reason)

vh>        I'm really puzzled with it. and Hoping some one of you can 
vh> show me way out of this
vh> problem. I'll appriciate any suggetions. Thanks

please report back any sustaining problem (if any), and a more
detailed debug info on what software is involved (audio drivers,
GM/NM/ohphone) and the exact error messages..


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