Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] PC-to-Phone with Quicknet

Le Mercredi 26 Février 2003 17:37, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> Le mer 26/02/2003 à 09:25, Gerald Estadieu a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I bought a Quicknet's Internet PhoneJack-PCI a few
> > days ago to phone through the Internet since I am
> > leaving out of my country.
> > I am currently using Linux Mandrake 9.1 RC1 since it
> > is claim that it support Quicknet products and it
> > include GnomeMeeting 0.96. I obviously create an
> > account in web site and charge my
> > account.
> On you mean? You can not create accounts for GnomeMeeting
> on directly.
1. yes I've subscribe to microtelco service through and get a
special gnomemeeting account. Gnomemeeting is connected to the hote
gatekeeper and display something like :
bmac ip-similar-number  And I can check online my account status through GM.
> > Now, get the problem: in short, it does not work!
> > in Mandrake Control Center, I can see my PCI card as
> > an audio card, but no module is loaded.
> > There, I load the module "modprobe ixj", and I can see
> > it is there in lsmod. But I still do not see any
> > /dev/phone or whatever in Gnomemeeting
> > (except my normal sound card, an Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI
> > 128, module es1371 which give me /dev/sound/dsp and
> > /dev/sound/mixer) and when I try to use my
> > cordless phone, I do not have any tone.
> >
> > any ideas from you guys where comes from the problem?
> Have you tried as root?
> I would say that it is a bug in the installation process of Mandrake and
> that you will have to install the Quicknet driver manually following the
> Readme.

2. I've check the rights:  /proc/ixj is r--r--r--. Is it that I have to

3. the output of cat /proc/ixj is:
$Id: ixj.c,v 4.7 2001/08/13 06:19:33 craigs Exp $
$Id: ixj.h,v 4.1 2001/08/04 14:49:27 craigs Exp $
$Id: ixjuser.h,v 4.1 2001/08/05 00:17:37 craigs Exp $
Driver version 1.0.1
sizeof IXJ struct 21144 bytes
sizeof DAA struct 642 bytes
Using old telephony API
Debug Level 0

Card Num 0
DSP Base Address 0xb000
XILINX Base Address 0xb010
DSP Type 8022
DSP Version 01.17
Serial Number 5119034c
Card Type = Internet PhoneJACK PCI
Readers 0
Writers 0
Capabilities 13
DSP Processor load 0
Caller ID data not sent
Rec volume 0x100
Play volume 0x100
DTMF prescale 0x40
Hook state 0
Base Frame 00.00
CID Base Frame  0
Timer Checks 3537
RX Ready Checks 3537
TX Ready Checks 3537
Frames Read 0
Frames Written 0
Dry Buffer 0
Read Waits 0
Write Waits 0
Status Waits 82
Status Wait Fails 0
PControl Waits 0
PControl Wait Fails 0
Is Control Ready Checks 0
Is Control Ready Check failures 0

I am going to try to compile the latest driver to see if any difference. I
will probably recontact you guys for more help.
Thanks a lot for your help and this wonderful soft.


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