Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM 0.96 complains about audio devices and doesn't start

Le jeu 20/02/2003 à 15:38, Nicolas FESSELET a écrit :

> Why not. I have never done that before though, and gnomeMeeting seems 
> to be a pretty big thing to start with... Maybe you could give me some 
> hints on where I should look. (PWLib is doing the test on the device 
> you say...)

Uninstall pwlib, pwlib-devel, openh323, openh323-devel, gnomemeeting,
then compile them from sources with the help of the FAQ:

Then recontact me privately for further instructions.

- But I'm really worried by your problem, I'm sure it should work. Are
your major/minor numbers correct?
- Do you have a /dev/sound directory (or filename) or not?

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