Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] GM 0.96 complains about audio devices and doesn't start

Le jeu 20/02/2003 à 14:51, Nicolas FESSELET a écrit :

> I am using the normal way (I have nodes /dev/dsp0 through 4 defined and 
> /dev/dsp is a symlink to /dev/dsp0. Same thing for /dev/mixer)

Then if rec works I see no reason why GnomeMeeting would fail. All what
PWLib is doing is opening the device and see if it works or not to
determine if the device is usable or not.

It could be a bug in PWLib, but in that case I see no reason why nobody
complained before. I think you have no other way than to compile from
scratch and debug it yourself, if you want to contribute of course.
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