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Le jeu 20/02/2003 à 11:36, Volker Braun a écrit :
> Hi Damien,

Hi Volker,

Have you tried to use direct OSS and Esound and compared?
The difference is quite audible, and the CPU suffers a bit more when
Esound is used...

PS: you can contact me offline.

> There is no mathematical reason why resampling 44kHz->8kHz should be any
> worse than directly sampling at 8kHz (But of course there are
> speed/quality tradeoffs in the implementation). There should not be any
> big quality difference between esd and pure oss now, but then I have not
> used a filter length that would satisfy audiophiles.
> If you think that you can clearly distinguish between esd and oss then I
> would like to figure out why. It should either be a bug in your sound
> card or esd. To eliminate the first, try to record at 44kHz and resample
> with sox's polyphase algorithm. If you can tell the difference between

Shouldn't I record at 8kHz and resample at 44kHz instead?

> this and oss recording at 8kHz then there is a problem with the sound
> card. If not then it is a bug in esd and i'll fix it (sending samples
> with description would help).
> I have not yet contacted the esd maintainer because this is not a simple
> patch, its in big parts a rewrite of the esd spaghetti code and I'd like
> to fix some more bugs.
> Best regards,
> Volker
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