[GnomeMeeting-list] Re: Esound in GnomeMeeting

Hi Damien,

There is no mathematical reason why resampling 44kHz->8kHz should be any
worse than directly sampling at 8kHz (But of course there are
speed/quality tradeoffs in the implementation). There should not be any
big quality difference between esd and pure oss now, but then I have not
used a filter length that would satisfy audiophiles.

If you think that you can clearly distinguish between esd and oss then I
would like to figure out why. It should either be a bug in your sound
card or esd. To eliminate the first, try to record at 44kHz and resample
with sox's polyphase algorithm. If you can tell the difference between
this and oss recording at 8kHz then there is a problem with the sound
card. If not then it is a bug in esd and i'll fix it (sending samples
with description would help).

I have not yet contacted the esd maintainer because this is not a simple
patch, its in big parts a rewrite of the esd spaghetti code and I'd like
to fix some more bugs.

Best regards,

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