Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Can I use gnomemeeting as proxy?

Le jeu 13/02/2003 à 20:31, Adrian Golumbovici a écrit :
> I mean to install it on my linux firewall and use it as a proxy for
> other h323 applications like also gnomemeeting, netmeeting or ohphone?
> Or does anyone know if the kernels from the 2.4 family have h323
> support? If these kernels don't have support directly in them, is
> there any module to enable such thing?
> I mean, ok I got it running on the firewall itself, but it is pretty
> annoying to have to move to that PC each time I have to talk with
> someone. It is a firewall after all...
> Thanks in advance,
> Adrian Golumbovici

rsip rocks!

Snark on #gnomemeeting

PS: Did you have a look at the Fine FAQ?

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