Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Can I use gnomemeeting as proxy?

Hi Adrian,

GnomeMeeting is not able to act as a proxy.

Anyway, you have got two different possibilities:

- install Gnugk on your router/firewall/gateway
- use the h.323 kernel module (not recommended) 


Am Don, 2003-02-13 um 20.31 schrieb Adrian Golumbovici:
> I mean to install it on my linux firewall and use it as a proxy for other h323 applications like also gnomemeeting, netmeeting or ohphone? Or does anyone know if the kernels from the 2.4 family have h323 support? If these kernels don't have support directly in them, is there any module to enable such thing?
> I mean, ok I got it running on the firewall itself, but it is pretty annoying to have to move to that PC each time I have to talk with someone. It is a firewall after all...
> Thanks in advance,
> Adrian Golumbovici

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