Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Choppy audio

Le jeu 13/02/2003 à 01:49, Keith Gross a écrit :
> I'm having audio problems with one machine.  When you test audio during setup 
> on this machine everything seems great but when you use it to make a call the 
> sound at the other end is choppy.  Only portions get through.  There are few 
> ifany lost or late packets.  Certainly not enough to explain the continous 
> sound problems.
> I've also noticed that normally you can hear what your saying coming from the 
> speakers of the machine your using.  On this machine even this is choppy.  
> But as I said sound is fine during the audio test.
> I've tried differant Audio codec and disabling silence detection without any 
> noticable effect on this problem.  We use this same machine under Windows 98 
> with Yahoo IM and it's voice chat features without sound quality problems.
> Anyone have a suggestion what might cause this.

Isn't there somewhere a faq telling those might be full-duplex problems?

Snark on #gnomemeeting

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