Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Couldn't calll


That's a problem with the GNU/GK, upgrade to the last CVS version of the
v2_0 branch and it will work.

Le mer 12/02/2003 à 05:08, boopathi raja a écrit :
> Hello ,
>            I am facing one problem.
>         Both clients r in local LAN and behind NAT(available SMC NAT
> Router). One GNU Gatekeeper is running in a public ip
>       Both clients are registered in public Gatekeeper. Any one cann't
> call other successfully and got an error message "call to username
> aborted, insufficient bandwidth".
>       To retify the error, what i want to do?.
> Thanks in advance.
 _	Damien Sandras
(o-	GnomeMeeting:
//\	FOSDEM 2003:
v_/_	H.323 phone:  callto:// seconix com

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