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boopathi raja wrote:
Hello ,
I am facing one problem. Both clients r in local LAN and behind NAT(available SMC NAT Router). One GNU Gatekeeper is running in a public ip Both clients are registered in public Gatekeeper. Any one cann't call other successfully and got an error message "call to username aborted, insufficient bandwidth".

      To retify the error, what i want to do?.

Thanks in advance.

That sounds like a GnuGK problem to me. (Setting up proxying can be tricky. If that's it, I can help you off-list, or you can talk to the GnuGK people).

How are you initiating the call? Ie, by registering with the gatekeeper, then typing in the alias of one client into the other?

If you don't register to the gatekeeper, but instead try calling one another directly (ie, typing in the IP address), does the call work? If this works, then it's definitely a problem with your gatekeeper setup. If not ... I'm probably not the one to help. But at least you're on the right list. (=


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