[GnomeMeeting-list] building GM on Mac OS X (instruction)

Yes, it works!! (Can do voice and can receive video. Working on video recording now)

However, not all changes have shown up in CVS yet, so you may need to download some files if you want to try it right away.


You will use fink, and I assume it is installed in /sw. (the default place)

1. You need to `fink install libgnomeui2-dev openldap-ssl-dev'. This should install almost everything you need by using fink.

2. Make sure you have an ESD-enabled pwlib. The pwlib installed by fink is not ESD-enabled. To compile an ESD-enabled pwlib, set ESDDIR to /sw before you make.

3. You need to sync openh323 with cvs and build it. A file (src/g711.c) has been changed to make the build possible.

Building GM:

The CVS version should soon have all the changes, but before that, you can download a snapshot of mine from http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~shawn/MacOSX/gnomemeeting-mac.tgz

  The configuration that I used is:

./configure --with-ptlib-includes=$PWLIBDIR/include/ptlib --with-ptlib-libs=$PWLIBDIR/lib --with-openh323-includes=$OPENH323DIR/include --with-openh323-libs=$OPENH323DIR/lib --with-openssl-include=/sw/include --with-openssl-libs=/sw/lib --with-openldap-includes=/sw/include --with-openldap-libs=/sw/lib

  (define PWLIBDIR and OPENH323DIR to their proper directories)

If you have SDL installed, rename /sw/bin/sdl-config to something else for now, there is a problem linking with SDL.

Good luck!


// Shawn

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