[GnomeMeeting-list] Which gnome packages are needed for Mac OS X compilation?

gnomemeeting-list gnome org writes:
>Hello Alan,
>The list that you gave only lists GNOME 1 related packages and
>GnomeMeeting requires GNOME 2.

If you switch to the fink unstable tree you will find packages for glib2
and gtk+2. You don't need to install gnome-core. I think that you need to
install esd (esound) and recompile pwlib and openh323 with the environment
variable ESDDIR defined for the location of the ESD daemon. You probably
want to install the fink openssl and openldap packages and include those
options when you compile gnomemeeting.

 James Field
Mendocino County Office of Education
Northcoast Technology Assistance Project
707-467-5076 (voice)
707-468-5781 (fax)

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