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I use a source based distro called Gentoo.  In Gentoo they have ebuilds which 
specify how a package is compiled and what it's dependencies are.  I mention 
this because gnomemeeting works just fine in Gentoo.  So if you really want 
it to compile, you could try reading the ebuilds.  I used to be a slack fan 
for about 4 years, but switched about a year ago.  I would check out how 
Gentoo gets around this loop if I were you.


On Saturday 01 February 2003 12:05 pm, Richard Ballantyne wrote:
> I've been having difficulties getting GnomeMeeting
> v0.9.6 to compile.  GnomeMeeting depends on Gnome
> which is practically impossible to install from src
> because of all its finicky dependencies, and its
> dependencies' dependencies.  So far I've installed
> probably 30 dependencies, and I'm down to just
> libgnomeui.  But libgnomeui depends on
> libgnomecanvas-2.0, and libgnomecanvas-2.0 depends on
> gnome-libs v1.0 (no other versions of gnome-libs are
> allowed because libgnomecanvas demands gnome-libs v1.0
> and no other).  Gnome-libs v1.0 is outdated and wont
> compile because it depends on old Berkeley DB v1.85
> which is very outdated (made in 1999!).  Berkely DB
> v1.85 wont compile under gcc 3.2 and old binary
> packages for Slackware are hard to find.
> All in all it seems like I'm stuck in an endless loop
> of installing dependencies dependencies dependencies.
> How difficult would it be to port this to KDE?  I'm
> frustrated and I really want to get GnomeMeeting
> working because its the only netmeeting compatable app
> I've found under linux.
> Thanks!
> Richard
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