Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] compilation troubles

Le sam 01/02/2003 à 18:05, Richard Ballantyne a écrit :
> I've been having difficulties getting GnomeMeeting
> v0.9.6 to compile.  GnomeMeeting depends on Gnome
> which is practically impossible to install from src
> because of all its finicky dependencies, and its
> dependencies' dependencies.  So far I've installed
> probably 30 dependencies, and I'm down to just
> libgnomeui.  But libgnomeui depends on
> libgnomecanvas-2.0, and libgnomecanvas-2.0 depends on
> gnome-libs v1.0 (no other versions of gnome-libs are
> allowed because libgnomecanvas demands gnome-libs v1.0
> and no other).  Gnome-libs v1.0 is outdated and wont
> compile because it depends on old Berkeley DB v1.85
> which is very outdated (made in 1999!).  Berkely DB
> v1.85 wont compile under gcc 3.2 and old binary
> packages for Slackware are hard to find.
> All in all it seems like I'm stuck in an endless loop
> of installing dependencies dependencies dependencies. 
> How difficult would it be to port this to KDE?  I'm
> frustrated and I really want to get GnomeMeeting
> working because its the only netmeeting compatable app
> I've found under linux.  
> Thanks!
> Richard

I'm not sure to understand your question... Can't you just ask your
system to install gnomemeeting, and let it take care of dependancies?

Or if you really want to build gm, can't you at least install binary
packages for its dependancies?

Gm isn't modular enough to be ported to kde... but it works ok with it,
I think...

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