Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] ldap with NetMeeting directory kit

>I am trying to get an ils server working using openLDAP with the 
>"NetMeeting directory  kit".  See:
>>However, after many hours, it still does not work properly.  
>Although I can see a NetMeeting client listed on the server using 
>GnomeMeeting, the reverse does not work.  

Yes, this is documented.  Unless you tweak the ndk Netmeeting clients
will only see NetMeeting clients.
There is a slide about this in -

>Also, I had to use an old version of openLDAP 
>to get the core.schema patch to work.  There are also other problems.
>Anyone have any suggestions?

Don't tweak core.schema.  Never ever make changes to a standard schema 


The netmeeting schema file provided in the NDK is a horrible hackish 
thing.  The above isn't much better, but it at least loads under OpeLDAP 

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