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I have compiled a very recent version of gnomemeeting (12/22/03 snapshot).
When I run the configuration druid, it asks me to choose my audio manager.
I am given a choice of OSS or Quicknet.  I would like to be able to choose
ALSA as my audio manager.

A few months ago I downloaded the ALSA driver version 0.9.6 from and compiled it myself.  That driver worked OK for
gnomemeeting 0.98.4, but the audio manager driud in the new version of
gnomemeeting doesn't recognize my ALSA driver as an available audio manager.

I got pwlib from (version
1.5.5), and I used openh323 version 1.12.2.

Note:  In order for the pwlib "make install" to work, I needed to comment
out the following line:

cp -rf plugins/pwlib $(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/include/

This is because there was no /usr/include/plugins directory on my computer.
Is this where an ALSA plugin is supposed to be?

Please tell me how I can get an ALSA driver that the gnomemeeting audio
manager driud will recognize and allow me to select.  Thanks.

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Le mar 18/11/2003 à 18:17, mark h aldous L-3com com a écrit :
> I am using the ALSA sound driver.  I got gnomemeeting from
> gnomemeeting-0.98.4.tar.gz.

If I was you, I would go on,#gnomemeeting to request help
on how to install CVS. CVS has native ALSA support, it should solve that
problem (your chipset doesn't support 8KHz recording).
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