[GnomeMeeting-list] BOOL undefined when compiling gnomemeeting

I am trying to compile gnomemeeting.  When the make process tries to compile
src/callbacks.cpp, it gets the following errors:

In file included from /usr/include/ptlib/contain.h:222,
                 from /usr/include/ptlib.h:139,
                 from common.h:45,
                 from ldap_window.h:43,
                 from callbacks.cpp:42:
/usr/include/ptlib/object.h:585: parse error before `(' token
/usr/include/ptlib/object.h:1201: `BOOL' declared as a `virtual' field
/usr/include/ptlib/object.h:1201: parse error before `(' token

followed by many more errors.

/usr/include/ptlib/object.h line 585 is:

static BOOL CanTrace(unsigned level /** Trace level to check */);

I don't believe that BOOL has been defined at this point.  The only place in
/usr/include/ptlib that BOOL is typedefed is in
/usr/include/ptlib/unix/ptlib/contain.h, and this file is not included
anywhere.  So where is the definition of BOOL supposed to come from?

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get this to compile?

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