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Thanks for getting back to us. It appears that you're one of the principal
developers of the GnomeMeeting application. WebEx provides a comprehensive
application that allows the user to hold a web conference with others via
the internet. The following features are possible:
	Voice communication between multiple users during the conference
	Collaborative Whiteborad during the conference
	Scheduling of meetings between users
	Text/IM Messaging as well

	Server App runs on Linux
	Client Apps run over Linux/Windows

Basically, we are looking for an app that we can use as our conferencing
application. We would like for it to be run on our internal server, for it
to be scalable, handling multiple conferences with multiple people for each
conference... Ideally, it should use a client application to allow each
person to participate in conferences via the server in a secure manner.

So basically, we're trying to find out if the GnomeMeeting app can be used
as an underlying foundation for this kind of application.


Bruce Douglas
bedouglas earthlink net

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Le mer 10/12/2003 à 02:14, bruce a écrit :
> hi...
> new to gnomemeeting.... i have a few basic questions, so i'm hoping that i
> can find my answers here...
> we're looking for an open source app that will allow us to hold/have web
> meetings. basically we're trying to find out if there is an application
> provides functionality similar to WebEx. As we understand GnomeMeeting, it
> allows users to communicate over the net using voice, so it kind of
> functions as a VoIP type of app...

yes it is a VoIP/videoconferencing application.

> Has anyone looked at using the gnomemeeting app as a robust competitor to
> WebEx... What would be the pros/cons of using this app in that fashion...?

Afer a quick look at the WebEx website, I can't really tell what they
allow to do. But I think it is approximatively the same except that
their product runs in a webbrowser.

> Is it robust enough to be used in this manner...?

It should, really... I'm simulating hundreds of calls at work without
any problem.

> Does anyone know of any other app which might be used/considered to be a
> competitive app to WebEx...?

I know no open source application doing videconferencing on the web.

I don't know if my answer helps, but if you have more specific
questions, feel free to ask. WebEx is just too vague for me to be able
to answer correctly.

> Thanks
> Bruce Douglas
> bedouglas earthlink net
> (25) 866-2790

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