Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Debian SID + Philips webcam + pwc driver + palette YUV420P

Le mer 10/12/2003 à 04:40, Jean-Michel POURE a écrit :
> Le Mardi 09 Décembre 2003 23:48, Damien Sandras a écrit :
> > pwcx can be found on the driver homepage.
> Dear Damien, 
Dear Jean-Michel,
> Thanks. How can I compile pwcx in short?
You can't compile pwcx.
Go to the driver homepage. A quick search on google (
is your friend...) about "Philips linux driver" should give you the
right webpage to go to.
and across this page search about pwcx.... You should find a binary-only
module to download.
Install it in the right repertory on your linux tree, generally among
the other modules, and generally where pwc is, and when needed,
generally when you want to use your webcam, load it.
A serach on the GnomeMeeting mailing should provide you the right
command to type to load this binary-only module.

>  Anyway, GnomeMeeting should be in 
> Debian SID shortly, a question of days or week(s)?...
afaik, GnomeMeeting is already in SID, since long.

> Thanks, Jean-Michel

Fabrice Alphonso
Translation Maintainer - GnomeMeeting Team
H.323 phone:	callto:// alphonso dyndns org

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