[GnomeMeeting-list] Gnomemeeting crashes whenever I accept an incoming call ...

Hi everybody,
I am using gentoo linux and had installed gnomemeeting through the emerge 
command provided by gentoo. It installed gnomemeeting 0.96. It worked fine 
and I managed to get the Logitech Express webcam running with the quickcam.o 
module (qc-usb 5.0), but there was a problem when I received and accpeted a 
Gnomemeeting would simply crash. I though this may be due to the version and 
so I installed the latest version and all accompanying libraries. Now I have 
0.98 installed but unfortunately the same problem persists. Sometimes I am 
able to receive calls when the video-device is not activated but often it 
even crashes without the webcam activated. 
Do you know a soultion to this problem? Is there something wrong with the 
module-parameters. Has anyone else the Logiteck Quickcam Express and managed 
to get it running flawlessly?
Another problem is that once I had a connection running with a netmeeting user 
(my webcam and also its driver-module were unloaded and after many crashes it 
just connected) I first recieved the transmitted video in good quality. After 
about 10 - 15 it however deteriorated increasingly and after half a minute 
the transmitted images weren't worth looking at. 
Where is the problem?
I would appreciate your help since I don't want to install microsoft only in 
order to be able to do videoconferencing.
Please send your replies to momesana yahoo de

Thanx in advance,

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