[GnomeMeeting-list] video failure with ovfx2


I'm trying to use GnomeMeeting with an ovfx2 camera (Orange Micro iBOT2)
on a RH9 host.  The camera works fine fine with e.g. xawtv and other v4l

By default, when I start gnomemeeting (0.98) it claims at start that it
cannot set the video frame size.  After debugging the code (the
PTLib/OpenH323 makefiles sure are icky!), I found that if I swap the
order of initialization so that it sets the frame size after setting
e.g. the color conversion, that gets past that error.  This is such a
simple and obvious error that I presume it's been fixed in CVS by now.

So now I have an image.  However, for some reason gnomemeeting seems to
capture a few frames and then loop them over an over.  (This is just in
the local monitor, before even making a call.)

Other apps have no trouble reading data from this camera; any idea what
might be going on here?

I tried the latest snapshot, but I couldn't even get that to reliably
start without crashing (something about gconf).

Other than this, the client works fine.  Audio is no problem, for
example, and I can see remote video just fine.

Dan Egnor

PS. Any particular recommendations for headsets?  Do USB headsets work

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