Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] km v4l module and gnomemeeting (additional info)

Damien Sandras ha scritto:

Le jeu 17/07/2003 à 10:09, Francesco a écrit :
I asked this in the GATOS mailing list (they develop the v4l module for my video capture card) and they answered me:

When I run gnomemeeting it detects the /dev/video0 device, but when it tryes to initialize it it says "Error with the frame size."
Fix gnomemeeting so that it agrees to use the size which the
hardware is capable of. Also, it would probably be necessary

PWLib is trying them all, if it doesn't work, then it probably means
that the GATOS driver doesn't fully respect the v4l API or that there is
a bug in PWLib.

Anyway, what you can do is edit the file pwlib/src/ptlib/video4linux.cxx
and look for the tips. Then you can add a tip to pwlib for your
particular driver. It will work, but it will require your help. Once you
know what tip to add (it is self-explaining), I can commit it to their

I looked in video4linux.cxx. I found hints for various cameras and explanations of the meaning of the hints.

Now, assuming that I have to try more or less randomly (maybe starting with hints that regars video size), how do I say programs to follow the exact hint that I am including? Do programs automatically try all? Do I have to assign a particular name to the set of hints for my capture card? Now I also assume that I have to recompile pwlib and gnomemeeting for every change I do to video4linux.cxx. Maybe I can add more than one tip (different named sets os hints) so I can compile it just once, can I?


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