Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Duplex Problem

El mié, 23 de 04 de 2003 a las 11:37, Holden Hao escribió:
> > I would use ALSA, yes. ALSA will be the new sound architecture in the
> > next kernel anyway, so you don't loose your time if you learn ALSA now
> Thanks for the advice.  I am familiar with alsa but thought that the nvidia driver should be better because the hardware came from the same company.  I will know soon if this is not the case.  
> Thank you for the advice.

In fact it has never been a driver from nvidia. It just added the pci
codes of the card to the oss i810 driver. In fact, the last version of
the nforce driver says that you only need to use their driver if your
kernel is old.
> Holden
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