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You can always rely on damien for a useful reply.

ok, I shifted my attention from the codec part to alsa. It appears I was lost
in all the alsa parameters.

My problem was that I could clearly hear the microphone locally, but no sound
was transmitted. So I disabled silence detection and I was now clear that I was
actually both sending and receiving.
I had a 'capture'-gaige set to zero :-(

It work now at I'm as happy as can be. thanks.

On 28-Nov-2002 Damien Sandras wrote:
> Le jeu 28/11/2002 à 23:12, morten a écrit :
>> 23:00:07 Call from Morten Bo Nielsen [] using Microsoft®
>> NetMeeting®  3.0   
>> 23:00:12 Answering incoming call
>> 23:00:13 Started New Logical Channel...
>> 23:00:13 Sending MS-GSM{sw}
>> 23:00:13 Enabled silence detection for MS-GSM{sw}
>> 23:00:13 Fast start enabled
>> 23:00:13 H.245 Tunnelling disabled
>> 23:00:13 Connected with Morten Bo Nielsen [] using Microsoft®
>> NetMeeting®   3.0     181/21324
>> 23:00:13 Started New Logical Channel...
>> 23:00:13 Receiving G.711-uLaw-64k{sw}
>> I see that it only opens one logical channel, where two is needed. And the
>> FAQ
>> only covers zero or two channel connections... :-(
> I see 2 logical channels. You are sending MS-GSM to Netmeeting, but
> Netmeeting is sending you back G711. If you want to use MS-GSM only,
> just disable all codecs.
> But I see another problem. Both machines have the same IP. I guess you
> are running Win2k in VMware. You have to know that access to the
> soundcard is exclusive, so I doubt it is possible to have a
> communication with sound with this configuration.
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