[GnomeMeeting-list] no video transmission if called party is registered to a gatekeeper?

Hello gnomemeeting gurus,

I recently had a glimpse at gnomemeeting and now I'm
really enthusiastic about it.

It works great, installs straight forward (at least under
mandrake) and will keep my long distance relationship
telephone costs low ;-)

Unfortunately I run into a problem when I set up OpenH323
Gatekeeper (gnugk).

Everything works perfect, as long as the called party is NOT
registered to the gk.

As soon as the called party IS in fact registered to the gk:

o the call initiator opens an additional local video window but
  will not receive any video data from the called party,
  nor will it send video data.

o the called party does not even open the local video
  window, so it obviously assumes no video was desired.

Whether the initiator is registered or not to the gk, seems not
to matter at all. If the initiator is registered to the gk, there
is no difference whether you call the gk alias or the destination host
directly using @.

Of course, the settings were the same in all test cases:
o View: Local video in new window
o Video Codecs: enable video transmission

The GK setup is as follows: (Version 2.0.0)

	# 1 CPU machine:

	## TCP Ports:



I've no Idea, what I'm doing wrong.
Has anyone experienced similar problems --- and maybe found
a solution? I'd appreciate any hints.

I don't even have an idea, whether it's a GM or GK problem.
But since it appears even with non routed mode in GK, my first
guess is GM.

(Unfortunately VMware doesn't support the usb mode used by my
webcam. I would have cross checked with netmeeting if VMware
did support the webcam)

Thanks in advance,

PS: I can supply the "generic history" of GM or gk control port output,
    if considered helpful.

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