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Le mar 11/06/2002 à 10:22, william e. bastian a écrit :
> i am totally unfamiliar with some of the terminology on gnomemeeting.   
> does this work with msnmessenger? ymessenger? something else?  if so 
> what do you do to make it work???
> sorry these are such idiot questions!   as i am unable to figure this 
> application out. it came with a distribution of linux mandrake 9.0  i do 
> thank you all for your time and efforts to make this application.  linux 
> is evolving very fast and is a really good operating system.  i am 
> trying to switch over to it wherever possible.  again, appreciate all 
> the very skilled work and time everyone is putting into linux!  thanks!


GnomeMeeting is compatible with the H.323 protocol and applications like
Netmeeting. It could be compatible with msnmessenger in the future...
I don't know about Yahoo Messenger...

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