Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] sharing applications? or just videoconferencing?

Le dim 24/11/2002 à 22:24, Brad Carlson a écrit :

> The FAQ/What-Is-GnomeMeeting describes GM as a MS-NetMeeting-compatible
> video/audio conferencing tool using H323.  I don't know if MS-NetMeeting
> is sharing this view using H323, or some other method.  Does anybody know
> whether a PC which is using NetMeeting to "share" a view of an
> application, can be called from a GnomeMeeting client?

Yes it can. But application sharing won't work as application sharing is
T120 and not H.323.
You can do application-sharing between linux and windows with other
tools like VNC. GnomeMeeting is a videoconferencing application focusing
on IP telephony only.

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