Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] speex in gnomemeeting 0.85?

> Le mer 20/11/2002 à 18:15, Robert Schmidt a écrit :
> >
> > is it possible to get gnomemeeting 0.85.1 to use the speex codec? My SysAd
> > doesn't want to update my RH7.3 yet, so I don't have Gnome2.
> >
> Yes, adding it to the GUI is pretty hard, but making it the default
> codec is not that hard. However you will have to compile a new version
> of OpenH323 and to compile GnomeMeeting 0.85.1 with that new version,
> I'm not sure that will work without bugs...
> Damien

I have managed to almost compile gnomemeeting 0.85.1 with the latest
versions of pwlib and openh323. (I had to delete line 334 in synthrd.h of
the pwlib package, and replace the call to "VideoDeviceParameters" by a
call to "VideoChannelFormat").

I failed, though, at telling gnomemeeting at compile-time to use the speex
libraries. How would you do this? Also, which file would I have to change
to make speex the default? I was thinking of doing it in endpoint.cpp, but
then again I'm not familiar with the whole structure of the code.

Sorry about this, but I just don't get Gnome2 for a while here and would
like to use this for slow lines.


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