RE: [GnomeMeeting-list] Gnome Meeting 0.94.0

Le jeu 21/11/2002 à 01:35, David Dunster a écrit :
> Sorry, been seeing so many version numbers lately on what I've been
> installing I'm even getting nightmares of rpms chasing me through the hills
> :)
> I have Version 0.94.1-2
> I beleive I ran "SuSEconfig --module gconf2" before installing gnomemeeting.
> I'll give it another try.

I don't think runnung SuSEconfig or not can change something for the
problem that you have. The problem that you have is that some xml files
were not installed. That was a bug in the previous rpm, but this one
should work. However, I think Stefan knows more about this than me (he
is the guy who is kindly making the rpms for Suse at every release).

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